Cellara™ E-ILC Intelligent Load Controller

Cellara™ E-ILC Intelligent Load Control

Whether you are curtailing energy load at peak usage times, following intermittent energy generation, or simply looking for a remote power shut-off capability, the Cellara™ E-ILC Intelligent Load Controller from Allyn Technology Group gives you the features and intelligent control you need.

  • Residential Hot Water Heater applications
  • C & I Applications
  • Demand Response and Load Shaping applications
  • No Smart Meter infrastructure needed

The Cellara™ E-ILC operates without the need for smart meter infrastructures by utilizing industry-standard internet or GSM/CDMA wireless communications to monitor and control 120/240V appliances, such as residential hot water heaters and commercial water pumps.

Intelligent features such as load scheduling, power-fail recovery, and voltage/current/watt hour sensors can be operated through our centralized web interface or by integrating to your SCADA or energy management system.
Small utilities and co-ops without major IT infrastructures can choose our cloud-based solutions, complete with programmable schedules and business rules for time-of-use, price, event renewable energy mix. Larger utilities can choose our appliance or virtualized server solutions for behind-the-firewall use in your own data centers.

The Cellara™ E-ILC also includes special features designed for better power management, such as modes to control power-on in the event of power loss which mitigates in-rush current loads that can occur following extended neighborhood power outages, and surge protection for appliance loads.

The Cellara™ E-ILC has on-board voltage and current measurement capability that profiles usage and voltage level to help locate trouble spots early, and gives visibility to grid conditions early.


Power Fail Recovery – in the event of a loss of power to the appliance, whether through a tripped circuit breaker or through loss of line power, the Cellara™ E-ILC enters a Power Fail Recovery mode on return of line voltage that restores power to the appliance in a controlled fashion designed to mitigate in-rush current from feeder lines providing the

Profile Mode – with AC voltage applied to the inputs, the Cellara™ E-ILC runs an operational profile that includes day of week and hour of day of operation and power cycle frequency.

Manual Mode – with AC voltage applied to the inputs, the Cellara™ E-ILC can be manually turned on and off by holding a button (located on the outside of the unit) down for 5 seconds.

Normal Mode – with AC voltage applied to the inputs, theCellara™ E-ILC operates in a “Steady On” state unless commanded to enter other modes via manual intervention or through server-side command.


  • Current rating: 30A max. (AC only) continuous
  • Voltage rating: 120/240 VAC max.
  • Configuration: SPST, Normally open


  • 10W Max. Taken from the AC line.


Fully programmable with “Over the Air” firmware updates. Cellara™ E-ILC can use either standard broadband Internet communications or GSM-based cellular for communications with network operations.

  • Ethernet (RJ-45) standard
  • RS-232 serial port standard
  • WiFi (802.11 b/g) optional
  • GSM Cellular optional


  • 2,000 Event Samples (120 days)


  • • 8.250“. H x 7.000” W x 3.375” D (209.55 MM H x 178 MM W x 85.73 D)