Cellara RAD Radiation SensorThe Cellara™ RAD radiation sensor technology is specifically designed for use with Cellara, Cellara-ID and Cellara-GPS controllers to provide remote radiation detection in combination with standard Cellara networked sensors and RFID technology., as well as

The Cellara-RAD/SA provides a compact, inexpensive networked radiation detection system intended for wide deployment, to provide near-real-time, coordinated detection and monitoring over a large geographical area, with graphical and tabular data available from a central server.

Deployment Options

  • Fixed, mobile w/ GPS


  • WiFi (802.11)
  • Cellular (CDMA, GSM)
  • Satellite (available Q3, 2016)

Detection capability

  • Gamma: (100KeV – 1.5MeV)
    • Major Nuclides of interest include Cs-137, Co-60
  • Beta:
    • Major Nuclides of interest include Sr-90