iStock_000004081208SmallSupply chain visibility doesn’t need to stop at your warehouse door. Take it on the road with the Cellara™ X-AVS Asset Visibility System from Allyn Technology Group.

Designed specifically for mobile and field applications, the Cellara™ X-AVS system provides live, real-time visibility to the location and condition of your product shipments while they are in transit, and at predefined checkpoints along the way, even in remote locations.

Even in locations where live communications are not possible, Cellara’s Store-and-Forward operation continues the vigilance and reports as soon as communications are available, keeping a complete history of the shipment intact.


identec-solutions-technologyThe Cellara™ X-AVS features active RFID technology from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, providing accurate pallet identification from up to 100 meters away, with flexible tag form factors and long battery life.

Your product’s location and temperature can be monitored throughout your warehouse, and on the open road all the way to its final destination. Boundary alert conditions notify you when temperatures reach undesired levels, and optional intrusion and shock detection sensors provide protection and Service Level Agreement compliance visibility to your delivery fleet operators.


Available in Software-as-a-Service or network-ready appliance configurations, Cellara™ X-AVS interfaces quickly to most enterprise systems, including SAP®, Oracle® and others.


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