truck behind gateControlling access to your gated entries and secure areas just got easier, with the Cellara™ X-IDS Automated Vehicle Identification System from Allyn Technology Group.

Designed specifically for those locations where power and telecommunications infrastructure are at a premium, the Cellara™ X-series family of RFID Application Controllers delivers personnel and vehicle access, visibility and control to your facilities, yards, equipment storage and construction sites.


No need to dig trenches or cut pavement when you choose a battery-operated installation configuration. Solar charging panels and wireless communications, along with a self-contained position marker loop for precision lane discrimination, can save thousands of dollars in installation time and expense.

screenshotWeb-based application control allows for no-hassle configuration and management of allowed access lists for people and vehicles, and fast viewing of historical information for those allowed and denied entry providing a reliable audit trail of activity.

Automation – Permissions include allowing entry by time of day, day of week, and gate-specific entry points. Drivers don’t need to leave their vehicles to authenticate, increasing driver safety and security, and reducing hassles common to keypad and short-range reader systems.

Digital outputs connect to most motorized gate control systems, allowing you to add new capability to your exiting gate infrastructure.


The Cellara™ X-IDS Remote Access Solution features active RFID technology from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, providing accurate identification from up to 100 meters away with tags having long battery life.

Each Cellara™ X-IDS controller supports two i-PORT® RFID Readers and i-MARK® Position Markers to minimize costs in combined Entry/Exit gate scenarios.


Learn more about securing your facilities with a Remote Access Solution featuring Cellara™ X-IDS. Contact us today and speak with our team.