ILC-1 Intelligent Load ControllerA public utility recently presented us with an interesting dilemna: “How can we move energy consumption out of peak demand times without the expensive overhead of a ‘Smart Meter’ infrastructure?”

There is lots of talk these days about energy and the “Smart Grid”. Our challenge was to create the ability for an electric utility to turn off high-wattage appliances (such as water heaters and furnaces) in homes and businesses during high-demand periods, and turn them back on when demand for electricity is lower.

Furthermore, we needed to do this wirelessly so that no infrastructure was necessary to accomplish the task – merely wire up the device to the appliance, and they were ready to go!

What emerged was the ILC-1, an Intelligent Load Control solution for energy utilities and home & business owners that enables them to control these appliances with specialized text messages over standard cellular telephone networks. Combined with a suite of hardware/software integration tools that enable the utility to manage these devices from their existing SCADA systems, we’re proud to say we’ve helped teach an old grid a few new tricks!

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