Machine to Machine technology allows both wired and wireless devices and systems to communicate with other devices, systems, and applications to achieve business process visibility, control and capability.

Traditional M2M applications include global GPS tracking of shipments throughout the supply chain, remote sensor data telemetry, and SCADA control of remote devices. Supply chain, oil and gas, mining, and energy markets have been early adopters of M2M technology and applications.

With recent advances in wireless network technologies (4G LTE, etc) and low-power consumption in hardware devices, many more application markets are opening up to a broader array of business applications.

For example, owner/operators of Laundromat facilities can gain visibility to the state of all of the laundry machines in all of their facilities, and be notified when servicing is needed, or vending machines need refilled. Warehouse operators can outfit crates and fork-lifts with RFID tags to know where items in the warehouse were last placed, and to provide safety zones around moving fork-lifts for warehouse personnel. More advanced uses include remote monitoring of water wells and critical aquifers, with level alarms and underground water plume mapping in near real-time.

Allyn Technology Group can help your company analyze and implement Machine to Machine solutions that provide benefits like:

  • Better process visibility
  • Remote control and reporting
  • Lower operating costs
  • Direct visibility in ERP and MRP systems

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