We know why you want to create. We know how to help you do it.

As fellow developers, we know you see market opportunities that haven’t yet been tapped. We also know that speed to market and successful execution will determine whether you succeed fabulously, make a small splash, or just plain flop.

Allyn Technology Group helps you with the entire process. From market concept to working prototype to funded project to IPO (well, we can’t help you IPO but we can get your product ready so when you do…).

Our proven capabilities include:

  • Hardware specification and design
  • Software specification and design
  • User Interface
  • CAD/CAM and 3-D Solid Modeling
  • Marketing collateral
  • Training and product demonstration materials
  • Light manufacturing
  • Proof-of-Concepts and Prototypes

Recent projects include a GSM-based demand management system (hardware device and software control) for a regional power utility, and a global supply chain logistics application for tracking container shipments from source to destination. What can we build for you?