Healthcare Dashboards and EMR/EHR Integration

A medical services client came to us with a common business problem: key performance indicators the management team needed in order to make critical business decisions were spread across multiple software platforms, and none of the platforms had the ability to sufficiently bridge data sets so the executives and line managers had true read on their business units.

Employee data was in the HR system, patient data was in the Patient Management system, important travel expenses and customer visit information were saved in stand-alone databases, and regional offices kept even more field-specific information remotely.

It usually took (conservatively) two to three weeks for the necessary reports to be generated, reconciled and aggregated in order for management to make informed decisions from the information, and by then it was three weeks (or more) old and opportunities to resolve problems in real-time had long since faded.

Solution: Real-time Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Using our unique drag-and-drop integration platform, we generated connections to each of the data “silos” – the HR system, the Misys® Patient Management System, the Microsoft Access® databases, and the Great Plains® accounting system. We then correlated the data from each system into a common data format (in XML) and created an executive dashboard that each authorized manager could interact with.

The result: Executives and managers can see sales data overlayed with margin and contribution by department, office and discipline, and can correlate travel expenses with patient data to get true real-time information to help improve their bottom line.

Business intelligence doesn’t have to be costly either. Not having it, well that’s a different matter. Call us today and let us show you how we can improve the visibility across your entire organization, and improve your bottom line.